Wendy Stauffer

Sausalito, CA

You've discovered a unique collection of artisan jewelry by Wendy Stauffer.
Inspired by her twin who's background is in biology, Wendy Stauffer's work often explores leaf and petal motifs and the rhythmic rise-and-fall wave patterns found in nature. While freeform and organic, the creations are tempered by an underlying nod to structure and balance. The juxtaposition of raw and organic with delicate and romantic accents is another often expressed theme.

As a jewelry artisan, Wendy Stauffer often applies wire wrapping to traditional metalsmithing techniques--a unique and original application of wire wrapped fringe accents to bezel set stones allows for movement and color play.

Since 2005, Wendy designed and created every piece that has left the studio and joined the collections of women around the world.
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