Vanessa Gade

Noe Valley Gallery and Pacific Heights Gallery

Bold kinetic and sculptural with an elegant interplay of angles and curves Vanessa Gade's jewelry makes a contemporary statement balanced with a timeless wearability. 

The diverse urban landscape of San Francisco provides the ideal creative backdrop for Vanessa's work and can be seen in the architectural qualities of her jewelry designs. The structural nature of her pieces is gracefully countered by a fluidity and movement influenced by her love of the ocean and her youth along the beaches of Southern California.

She describes her work as contemporary with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Particular pieces have been inspired by everything from art deco architecture ikebana flower arrangements suspension bridges and even criss crossing power lines. Her designs tend toward an asymmetrical pattern encased within a perfect circle evident in her debut Inner Circle collection first launched in 2007 which now has become her signature line. She enjoys the challenge of creating a perfectly balanced geometric structure that still maintains an element of movement all the while utilizing the negative space as an integral part of the design.

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