Svetlana Lazar

Berkeley, CA


A jewelry industry veteran of 15 years with an eye for detail, flair for the unusual, and wicked skills at the bench, Svetlana Lazar launched her line to fulfill a unique vision of fine jewelry with a playful twist.

Svetlana Lazar creates inspired fine jewelry, hand-crafted with masterful attention to quality. Each piece that passes through the shop is a special bit of magic and energy, captured in metal and stone, from our hands to yours.

Materials and textures are balanced for depth, contrast, and flair - luxurious high carat gold, deep oxidized silver, mesmerizing precious and colored stones, and brilliant accents.

Combining classical and modern techniques, we expertly texture, carve, and set each piece with utmost care and integrity.

Svetlana Lazar is committed to sustainable practices, integrity in our crafts(wo)manship, and delighting our fans and collectors.

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