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Growing up, Suneera recalls seeing her mother Kamal & Aunt Santosh re-designing family heirlooms by adding personal style to create new jewels. As a young girl, she fell in love with the tradition of owning something special that could be passed on from generation to generation. After fifteen years of designing and manufacturing in LA for private labels, she launched her own collection in 2010. Today, joined by her daughter, Suneera continues the tradition of creating special pieces that can be passed to future generations. The mother-daughter team thrive in the process of making jewelry and enjoy doing custom pieces.

All pieces are handmade in their Los Angeles Studio, the craftsmanship effortlessly blends old world manufacturing with state of the art modern technology.

All gemstones and diamonds are hand selected by Suneera for their brilliance and unusual characteristics. Manufacturing materials are ethically sourced and whenever possible, recycled gold is used to create the jewels. 

SUNEERA Fine Jewelry is defined as Elegant, Romantic and Forever.

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