Studio Y

Pacific Heights Gallery

Originally from Canada, Yaira grew up in Toronto, where she created her first handmade jewelry and crafts over three decades ago. Always inspired to learn new artistic forms and techniques, she attended courses in various mediums at George Brown College and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Upon joining the weekly Beading Circle at the Native Canadian Centre in the early 1990's, Yaira fell in love with bead weaving and woven beadwork became a life long intrigue. 

After moving to Northern California and settling in Oakland, Yaira attended U.C. Berkeley and completed her B.A. in Near Eastern Studies, with a focus in Ancient Art and Archaeology and Biblical Hebrew texts.  Both contemporary and traditional, her work and designs are influenced by the world of nature and deeply inspired by the art and cultures of Native America, the Middle East, Africa and the African Diaspora.

Woven Beadwork is a commitment to slow art. It requires focus, precision, patience, and a lot of time. Hours and hours of intention and dedicated work are poured into the creation of each piece. Each bead is individually selected and stitched together to create the tightly woven beaded fabric.

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