Sarah Richardson

Noe Valley Gallery and Pacific Heights Gallery

Coming from a long line of artisans it was natural choice for Sarah Richardson to follow her passion for art. Sarah studied metalsmithing at Rhode Island School of Design with further design studies in Germany. After graduating Sarah moved to New York and designed custom jewelry for a fine jewelry gallery in the West Village taught metalsmithing at the 92nd Street Y and focused on line art jewelry. In 2006 she returned to California and set up her own studio in Mill Valley where she now resides. 

Sarah Richardson's jewelry is a process of evolving designs. Drawn to the organic quality of each individual pod a repetition of these elements creates geometric form. Using traditional wax carving techniques each piece is hand carved then cast in 18K gold or sterling. Using heat to bring the fine metal to the surface each piece is then polished on the edges creating an interior glow.

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