Sara Danielle

Pacific Heights Gallery

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Sara began creating various forms of art as a child. Jewelry-making quickly became her most beloved past-time and this self-taught hobby transformed into a career. Calling upon her business school education and experience working for environmental nonprofits, developing her own creative venture from scratch came naturally and continues to serve as a daily reminder that one should always remain open to impromptu opportunities. 

Sara's love for her art is fueled by the celebrations that her pieces have been a part of. Excited by rhythms, patterns, and shapes, Sara's eyes remain open to witness moving and inspirational moments of life. She is known to design her favorite pieces from accidental gemstone spills on her workspace that serendipitously create a flow of beautiful colors and lines. 

Each piece is lovingly created with hand-selected gemstones and 14K gold-filled metal.
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