Pamela Zamore

Noe Valley Gallery

Pamela Zamore launched her collection in 2017 as an all-sterling silver and gemstone line, rooted in her love of and background in the decorative arts, architecture and interior design. Those early silver pieces have a soulful elegance and are strong in shape and rich with tactile elements and well-placed, subtle ornamentation.

“As I was designing my second collection,” Pam explains, “I realized there was a void in my line for women who preferred yellow gold, which has become a staple of fine jewelry, particularly among independent designers. I wanted to create pieces in 18K yellow gold that would endure beyond trend and fashion, yet complement the pieces a woman most often reaches for in her wardrobe. My 18K gold Sky collection has overarching motifs of radial and star patterns that are an extension of some of my favorite elements from the silver collection. Pieces are accented by precious gemstones that enhance the feeling and textural nuances of each design. It is an ongoing journey for me to explore new applications of the details and motifs I like best and how to continue to grow them within my signature style.”

A soulful elegance comes into play with Pam’s ability to choose motifs that are more than exquisitely decorative and have meaning that reaches beyond the look and feel of a piece: they are universal and personal at the same time.

“I hope that when women wear my radial and star pieces it will allow them to shine with their own powerful individuality in the world today.” - Pamela Zamore

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