Pamela Zamore

Jamaica Plain, MA


"My creative process involves seeking out iconic elements from antique jewelry, global textile and architectural detail and weaving them together into personal, timeless talismans,” says Pamela Zamore, formerly an interior designer, and the artistic mind behind her namesake collection. Pam’s creative influences are apparent in her combination of textures—both refined and roughly-hewn; she has the ability to combine these disparate, tactile nuances into one design and to capture the mystery and magic elemental to them. Brilliant motifs are finely cast in 18 KY in a way that catches the light while sparkling diamonds and colorful gems in tones of lavender and luminous blue and her signature sandblast finish complete the rich tapestry. The resulting jewels are softly textured, exquisitely refined, radiant and elegant.

"My desire is to create jewelry that will endure beyond trend and fashion that women can live in as an extension of their own personal style. I hope that when women wear my designs, they will exude their own radiant individuality into the world around them.” - Pamela Zamore

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