Lulu and Shay

Noe Valley Gallery

Leeorah Betan-Hartman’s fine jewelry collection Lulu & Shay represents the modern woman's desire for jewelry that holds a powerful emotional connection in meaning and the intricacies of hand-made details and finishing. "I wanted to start a line that expressed a connection to our environment; the city, history and nature all included. I strive to make each piece so it tells a story of its own, while striking a personal connection with the wearer. Wearing jewelry can be whimsical and at the same time express our inner values and feelings. It can be a true statement of ourselves and my hope is that every person who wears my jewelry can create their own history and story with the piece as they have the ability to customize pieces through stone choices, stacking and layering as well as the meaning associated with the jewelry and the significance they hold for them."
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