Kristy Ford

Noe Valley Gallery

Timeless, Well-crafted & Personal
When asked about from where Kristy Ford draw her inspiration from, she often respond, "do you have time for some stories?" As a third-generation jeweler, she has been exposed to all aspects of the jewelry industry, but more importantly, all kinds of people. And people come with stories! Kristy Ford recalls being surprised by the memories shared when customers brought in their repairs to our family business. Each piece marked a special occasion and even the re-telling was a way to celebrate it all over again. This realization shaped her perception of the role she plays - Kristy Ford wasn't just repairing jewelry, she was preserving memories, a much more meaningful endeavor.
Fast forward 30 years of owning a retail store, working with top designers, and learning along the way, Kristy Ford is now ready to share her passion. Kristy Ford inspired to make elegant, thoughtfully-designed jewelry that feels modern, yet holds the grace of a different era.
“Our passion, love for art, and expertise fuel our desire to create timeless, simplistic, and romantic designs. We are constantly refining elegance.” — Kristy Ford
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