Joely Rae

Los Angeles, CA

Joely Rae Kuhn started making jewelry over 10 years ago when she was an actress in Los Angeles. Joely Rae learned to twist wire and string beads together on movie sets. It wasn't long before her passion for making jewelry grew outside the box. Joely Rae moved to New York a few years ago to learn all the steps needed to create fine jewelry and has had the opportunity to sit next to some of the most talented goldsmiths on 47th street in NYC's Diamond district and cultivated my craft.

After one year, Joely Rae moved back to Los Angeles where she now works today in her downtown studio. Joely Rae continues to learn from amazing artisans. Her greatest joy comes from sitting at my bench working on fine metals and molding them into beautiful pieces of jewelry. She has always been fond of colored stones, and to this day, mixing color in my jewelry is a priority. Joely Rae can derive her color schemes from what she may see in nature or in architecture, or even in a stunning piece of fabric. Joely Rae is open to what draws her eye and the potential of what can be made from seeing colors merge.

Over the past few years, Joely Rae has started to create a more spiritual-based line called Ethereal. This collection emerged out of a great loss I experienced. Through designing this line, she grew to feel more peace and balance in her life. "My wish is for others to find their peace. If my jewelry can contribute in some way, I am so happy. We all deserve balance and harmony in our lives."

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