Jenny Windler

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Jenny Windler is a jewelry maker based in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of her work is cut, formed, soldered, enameled, and finished by hand in her Berkeley studio. Her love of functional objects, industrial design, and architecture blends with daily observations of chaos, decay, and the natural world to inform her jewelry designs.

Windler's main body of work focuses on enamel, which is torch fired over hand-cut or forged copper, silver, and gold. Each piece is made one at a time. By using torch firing rather than kiln firing, Windler is able to see the whole process from start to finish; she can also over-fire the enamel to create unique results.

Jenny Windler earned a BFA from Western Illinois University in 2001 and an MFA from Colorado State University in 2007. She developed an interest in enameling after attending a day-long workshop with enameling extraordinaire Harlan Butt.
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