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Meaghan is the Creative Director and Founder of her fine jewelry brand, Goldhenn (pronounced golden). A born artist, Meaghan gravitated toward painting and drawing at a very young age, developing a keen eye for color and composition. She continued her exploration of the arts at the University of Michigan, where she discovered her passion for jewelry and metal fabrication. 

A post-graduate move to Santa Fe, NM led to 15 years of cultivating her craft under the tutelage of well-respected jewelry artists and designers that included, hand fabrication of high-end jewelry and sourcing gemstones and materials for mass production. Her natural contrarian spirit, combined with extensive material knowledge and sense of color, are what inspire her collections. With no two pieces alike, Meaghan strives to create unexpected and unique pieces utilizing a combination of traditional and modern design techniques.

“I make unexpected fine jewelry that is both subtle and striking, raw and refined, delicate and bold, not meant solely for decoration but to tell a story, to protect as well as represent its wearer. My goal is for Goldhenn pieces to reflect the hallowed nature of its wearers’ individuality and the duality of the human experience. “ - Meaghan Hennelly

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