Dimitria Koumarnetos

Pacific Heights Gallery

Long mentored by three of the top leading experts in historic and antique jewelry, all of whom have been appraisers of high acclaim on PBS's Antique Roadshow. Her work has taken her across the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia and is considered a Global expert on period jewelry and antiquities. 

Born and educated in New York with frequent trips back to her family's farm in old world Europe, as well as to Asia, South America, and Central America; Dimitria has gained a broad perspective by intensely studying the overlaps of historical and classical forms wedded with modern styles but with deep roots in global cultural and ethnic traditions. This "knack" for finding the finest gems deep within historic estate collections and bringing them forth in new forms enables her to rework classic styles into contemporary, wearable objects d'art that are timeless rather than those which are current today but gone tomorrow.   

Dimitria recognizes that while not all classic forms are timeless, they can often be massaged or re-purposed into modern styles that her customers are thrilled to wear. Her ability to work with ladies and gentlemen to match jewelry forms to an individuals personality and style makes for an experience like no other when her clients seek out a piece of jewelry which accents their persona. Her attention to detail is highly focused and her customers take great pride in knowing that all pieces are from ethically honorable sources or have been up cycled from classic pieces rather than mining new gems.
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