Corey Egan

Noe Valley Gallery and Pacific Heights Gallery

Each time Corey Egan designs a collection, she starts with her core hope - that her designs will help the wearer to feel equal parts beautiful, edgy, and entirely individual. She strives to bring that philosophy to life in each design she creates. Her jewelry is pretty, sure, but it’s also fierce, bold, and timeless. Just like you.

Every piece is thoughtfully crafted from Corey’s studio in Berkeley, CA. Using the methods of lost wax carving and casting as the foundation of her work, She blends inspirations gathered from her life in the Bay Area with the idea of beautiful, wearable design. A love of texture, color, and shape intersect with jewelry-making passion to form pieces that are timeless, edgy, and casually elegant.

Corey’s artistic journey began as a painter and ceramicist, but she was introduced to jewelry while studying at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. It is from there that she received her BFA in Metalsmithing in 2007. She attended the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in 2008 and completed their Jewelry Technician Program. Her eponymous jewelry collection was founded in 2010.

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