Claudia Berman

Pacific Heights Gallery

Claudia Berman creates antiquity inspired contemporary jewelry using classical metalsmithing techniques of fabrication and casting in sterling silver and 18k gold. Her pieces are often delicate in design and simple in final presentation. Claudia Berman enjoys clean lines and deliberate details without unnecessary distractions. Each item is created with structural strength, but with feminine movement.

Claudia Berman's metal-work represents her love of nature and organic designs, including the individual human figure. She designs with beauty of the wearer in mind, items that complement and highlight curves and lines of a woman’s neck, chest, wrist, and hand.

The intense concentration and focus necessary in metal working and stone setting, quiets her mind and body. For many years Claudia Berman studied classical music, and still perform regularly as a soprano, but metalsmithing and jewelry design has become her most favorite form of artistic expression. Claudia Berman spends early mornings working as a fitness and health consultant. Her time is spent teaching, connecting with clients, being empathetic, energetic, and active on my feet. Working in her art studio brings out a different passion. "I love the quiet reflection and curiosity that comes from working with metal and stones." - Claudia Berman

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