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Anat Kaplan studied, appraised, curated, taught, and created various forms of art all onthe road to finding the place her spirit truly sings: jewelry design. 

The treasures of ancient and natural worlds have captivated Anat since girlhood and are her inspirations for Anouk creations still today. Moscow-born, Israel-raised and now Toronto-based, Anat solders myriad modern-day cultures with ancient mythology, crafting jewelry a Roman goddess might wear. Or an advertising manager. Or a mermaid. 

She believes that through adornment we can share all that is artful about our own stories. We can connect with one another, with ourselves, and with our ancient lineage--real and imagined. 

Anat holds an MA and teaching diploma in Art History, lives with her husband and beautiful young daughter in Toronto's Wychwood neighborhood and can often be found sorting aquamarines to the tune of Bruni or Debussy while sipping mint tea.

Anouk Jewelry is carried in our Noe Valley Gallery

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