Will You Be Our Valentine?

Celebrate the ones you love with the perfect one-of-a-kind gift. Check out some of our favorites that are sure to make your Valentine blush.

 Joely Rae -  Joely Rae JEWELRY -  Valentines Day Gifts for Her - Valentines Day Jewelry - Gallery of Jewels - San Francisco FIne Jewelry
14k White Gold & Diamond Olive Branch Necklace.
By: Joely Rae
Pacific Heights Gallery

Svetlana Lazar - Svetlana Lazar jewelry - 18k Gold and Blue Sapphire Ring - Valentines Day Rings - Valentines Day Gifts for Wife Girlfriend Her - Gallery of Jewels
18k Yellow Gold & Blue Sapphire Ring.
By: Svetlana Lazar
Noe Valley Gallery

Catherine Weitzman - Catherine Weitzman jewelry - Catherine Weitzman flower bliss earrings - Valentines Day flower earrings - gallery of jewels - Valentines Day in San Francisco
Vermeil & Presse Flowers Under Glass "Bliss" Mandala Earrings.
By: Catherine Weitzman
Pacific Heights Gallery

Melissa Scoppa - Melissa Scoppa Jewelry - Melissa Scoppa Wild Flower Earrings - Valentines Day Flower Earrings - Valentines Day jewelry for her girlfriend - Gallery of Jewels - Best Jewelry store in san francisco bay area
Sterling Silver Wildflower Stud Earrings.
By: Melissa Scoppa
Noe Valley Gallery

IO Collective - IO Collective jewelry - IO Collective Gold Padlock Necklace - Valentines Day Necklace - Best Valentines Day gift - Top Valentines Day Necklace - Gallery of Jewels best fine jewelry in San Francisco Bay Area
18k Yellow Gold & Pave Pink Sapphire Padlock Necklace.
By: IO Collective
Pacific Heights Gallery

Alberian and Aulde - Alberian and Aulde jewelry - Alberian and Aulde gold band ring - Gold and Champagne Diamond Floral Ring Band - Beautiful Valentines Day Gold Ring - Best Valentines Day jewelry for her - Gallery of Jewels
14k Rose Gold & Champagne Diamond Floral Band.
By: Alberian and Aulde
Noe Valley Gallery

Dimitria Koumarnetos jewelry - Dimitria Koumarnetos Gold Onyx Diamond Ring - Gallery of Jewels - Black Diamond Ring - Valentines Day Ring - Gallery of Jewels - Best jewelry shop in San Francisco Bay Area
14k White Gold, Onyx, & Diamond Ring.
By: Dimitria Koumarnetos
Pacific Heights Gallery

Mark Poulin - Mark Poulin jewelry - Mark Poulin earrings - Mark Poulin Heart Earrings - Heart Earrings - Valentines Day heart Earrings - Gallery of Jewels - Best Valentines Day Jewelry
Sterling Silver & Enamel Heart Earrings.
By: Mark Poulin
Noe Valley Gallery

Visit us in store to discover our entire collection of new Valentine's Day jewelry you and your Valentine will be sure to fall in love with!

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San Francisco, CA. 94115

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