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Gallery of Jewels in San Francisco was founded in 1990 by husband & wife entrepreneurial owners Bill Hoover and Dona Taylor. What began as a small shoestring operation with only 3 designers has since expanded into two unique galleries in Noe Valley and Pacific Heights showcasing the work of over 100 talented artists, with a team of 15 dedicated employees. The Gallery of Jewels mission has remained the same since its inception: build a strong artistic community, support those artists to the fullest, and bring quality jewelry to their clientele.

Gallery of Jewels and I go way back. I worked at this very location back in 2010, before I had put together my first official collection of jewelry. Here I was able to sell jewelry from designers I greatly admired and really get to know the customers. They taught me that there is a designer for every client's style and price point. 

What I love about Gallery of Jewels is how each gallery is shaped by its neighborhood. The trends, sights, and community at each location have a different look and feel, so visiting both GOJ locations should be on every tourist's to-do list. 

Today I'd like to dive into their Pacific Heights location on Fillmore Street. I spoke with Senior Manager Jen Rose to find out more. Discover what Jen Rose had to say about trends, tourists, designers, and other interesting topics by reading the full article at


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