Shine Bright in November’s Birthstone

Birthstone of November

Shine bright this month with November’s beautiful birthstones: Topaz and Citrine! These richly colored gemstones are known to have calming energies while bringing fortune and warmth.

The name Topaz derives from the Greek topazos, meaning “to seek”. Topaz crystals are formed within lava flows of igneous rocks and with a Hardness on the Mohs Scale of 8, it is one of the hardest minerals on the scale and the hardest silicate. Precious topaz ranges in color from brownish orange to yellow. Its golden color was believed by the Egyptians to be the glow cast by the sun god, Ra.
The name citrine comes from the old French word “citrin,” which means lemon. Citrine may have actually begun as Amethyst, but the heat from nearby molten rock changed it to the yellow form of quartz. The warm yellow color of Citrine is said to be a gift from the sun and is believed to be a healing gemstone. Citrine is also recognized as the preferred gift for the 13th anniversary. According to legends, Citrine is the “The Stone of Success”. Chinese emperors would wear citrine jewelry and believed it would increase intellectual capabilities and broaden the mind.

Today, these gems remain one of the most affordable and popular yellow gemstones. Whether shopping for a November birthday, a 13th wedding anniversary, or just an affordable piece of jewelry to compliment any style, Topaz and Citrine make a perfect gift. Discover beautiful new designs below that ought to spark some gift ideas!

18k Yellow Gold & Blue Topaz Ring - Kristy Ford Jewelry - Noe Valley Gallery - Gallery of Jewels - San francisco jewelry shop
18k Yellow Gold & Blue Topaz Ring 
By: Kristy Ford
Noe Valley Gallery

Heidi Hodes - Heidi Hodes Jewelry - Heidi Hodes Earrings - Gold Blue Topaz Earrings - Pacific Heights Gallery - Gallery of jewels San Francisco - Topaz Jewelry - san francisco jewelry store
Goldfill & Blue Topaz Earrings
By: Heidi Hodes
Pacific Heights Gallery

Sethi Couture - Sethi Couture Jewelry - Sethi Couture Ring - Black Rhodium Sterling Silver & Citrine Ring - November Birthstone Jewelry - November Birthstone - Gallery of Jewels - San Francisco Fine Jewelry
Black Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver & Citrine Ring
By: Sethi Couture
Noe Valley Gallery

Stephany Hitchcock - Stephany Hitchcock Jewelry - Stephany Hitchcock Earrings - Gold Vermeil & Citrine Earrings - Noe Valley Gallery - Gallery of Jewels - Gallery of Jewels SAN FRANCSICO JEWELRY SHOP - CUSTOM JEWELRY IN SAN FRANCISCO
Gold Vermeil & Citrine Earrings
By: Stephany Hitchcock
Noe Valley Gallery

Alberian & Aulde - Alberian AND Aulde jewelry - Silver Diamonds Blue Topaz Earrings - Alberian and Aulde Earrings - Gallery of Jewels custom earrings - fine jewelry - gallery of jewels san francisco
Black Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver, Diamonds, & Blue Topaz Earrings
By: Alberian & Aulde
Pacific Heights Gallery

Porter Gulch - Porter Gulch jewelry - Porter Gulch ring - Porter Gulch custom ring -  Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring - Porter Gulch gallery of jewels - gallery of jewels custom ring - gallery of jewels san francisco - custom fine jewelry
14k White Gold, London Blue Topaz, & Diamond Ring
By: Porter Gulch
Pacific Heights Gallery

Alp Sagnak - Alp Sagnak jewelry - Alp Sagnak bracelet - Alp Sagnak custom bracelet - gallery of jewels bracelet - gallery of jewels hand crafted fine jewelry - san fracnisco jewelry fine jewelry
18k Yellow Gold, Oxidized Silver, & Citrine Bracelet
By: Alp Sagnak
Noe Valley Gallery

Kristy Ford jewelry - Kristy Ford topaz and gold necklace - gold and topaz necklace by Kristy Ford at gallery of jewels - gallery of jewels heidi hodes blue topaz necklace - gallery of jewels fine custom jewelry - san francisco jewelry store
18k Yellow Gold & Blue Topaz Necklace
By: Kristy Ford
Noe Valley Gallery

Heidi Hodes - Heidi Hodes jewelry - Heidi Hodes necklace - Heidi Hodes gallery of jewels - gallery of jewels silver and topaz necklace by heidi hodes - gallery of jewels handcrafted fine jewelry
Oxidized Silver, Goldfill, & London Blue Topaz Necklace
By: Heidi Hodes
Pacific Heights Gallery

Leslie Paige - Leslie Paige jewelry - Leslie Paige ring - Leslie Paige custom ring - Leslie Paige white gold topaz ring - galery of jewels Leslie Paige - Leslie Paige gold topaz ring - gallery of jewels fine jewelry - handcrafted jewelry san francisco
14k White Gold & Blue Topaz Ring
By: Leslie Paige
Pacific Heights Gallery

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