We can do better! We can be better!
Black Lives more than matter.
Do what’s right and fight for change for the betterment of our world!
Protests DO make a difference.
Your actions, your words, and the businesses/organizations you support make a difference.
How can you contribute to the cause?
Research your community and the places you shop - & only support black-owned businesses and others that celebrate diversity and operate with equality.
Keep having those difficult conversations with friends, family, & peers who might not fully understand - help spread the word & change beliefs. We all must listen and learn!
And make sure to donate to @mnfreedomfund @naacp @reclaimtheblock @blklivesmatter @bailproject

Mural by @jonahsart

Gallery of Jewels - Noe Valley

4089 24th St.
San Francisco, CA. 94114

Gallery of Jewels - Pacific Heights
2115 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, CA. 94115

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