New Arrival: Anna Monet Collection

Ana Monet  - Noe Valley artist - Ana Monet jewelry collection - gallery of jewels

Meet Anna Monet

San Francisco jewelry designer Anna Monet finds inspiration in the natural beauty of life on the west coast. She combines her passion for metalsmithing and love of intentionally sourced, unique organic materials to create her eclectic statement jewelry.

Anna handcrafts each piece using plant-based dyes and natural horsehair ethically collected by the members of the Caddo Nation of the Southeastern United States.

Every unique piece is made with love and a hope that it will go beyond just jewelry. Each Anna Monet piece is meant to spark conversations about sustainability and great design as inseparable standards, and "to become talismans of protection and prized possessions in celebration of each woman as an exemplary expression of nature's beauty".

Ana Monet -  Ana Monet jewelry collection - gallery of jewels

Anna Monet Collection

Ana Monet jewelry collection - Gold Sun Goddess Choker Necklace - gallery of jewels
Gold Sun Goddess Choker Necklace.
Ana Monet jewelry collection - Diana Color Play Earrings - gallery of jewels
Diana Color Play Earrings.
Ana Monet jewelry collection - Iris Mini Earrings - gallery of jewels
Iris Mini Earrings.
Ana Monet jewelry collection - Iris Earrings - gallery of jewels
Iris Earrings.

Ana Monet jewelry collection - Silver Sun Goddess Chocker Necklace - gallery of jewels
Silver Sun Goddess Choker Necklace.
Ana Monet jewelry collection - Golden Hours Double Dye Earrings - gallery of jewels
Golden Hours Double Dye Earrings.
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