Love Opals? Check out Fade to Black


Fade To Black opals are unique. All of the stones used in our collections are ethically sourced from Lightning Ridge and some parts of Queensland, and production is monitored by Tatiana’s Father, Mario Ikasovic, who has been working in the opal industry for over 40 years where his uncompromising expertise and unparalleled level of craftsmanship has made him the top opal supplier to some of the world’s most respected fashion houses and jewellers.

Polishing and cutting is all done by hand within our company without any outsourcing, guaranteeing complete control over the quality and practice of such a delicate gem. Fade To Black has built close relationships with miners for many years, ensuring that every single piece can be traced back to the very mine they were sourced from and guarantees that the stones are conflict free and the miner gets the fairest price for their hard labor.

Australian Opals are a finite source. Often referred to as the ‘Mystery stone’, the illusive gem is incredibly difficult to find and the miner relies on an element of chance in finding an illustrious color bar amidst the limestone in a dim, underground shaft. They are truly one of the last naturally occurring gemstones – they are simply unearthed, cut, and polished without the use of heat or chemicals.


Tatiana designs all the pieces at the FTB Studio in Los Angeles, carefully pairing her designs with the befitting stones and then works closely with a skilled team of jewellers in Sydney and Los Angeles. Each piece is handcrafted around the individual nature of the stone, ensuring a unique experience where no two are alike. Due to the careful consideration taken to craft each piece, some designs will be need to be pre-ordered and may take up to 2 weeks to be completed.

Tatiana currently resides in Los Angeles, California, where she has a Studio.


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