Introducing W.R. Metalarts


W.R. Metalarts is a family-owned & operated business based out of Brattleboro Vermont, founded by Rosie and Will Nevins-Alderfer. They are believers in ethically created jewelry and sustainably sourced materials, proudly prioritizing workers' rights and minimizing their environmental impact. W.R. Metalarts supports small-family owned stone suppliers and miners, along with other local small businesses that provide recycled and fair-mined metals and gems. 

Will - the master jeweler of W.R. Metalarts -  blends ancient techniques of mokume gane, lost wax carving and casting, and precious metal fabrication with his training in modern technologies such as 3-D CAD/CAM computer rendered design. Will graduated from Earlham College in 2011 with a degree in fine art metalsmithing. Will spent four years in fine art foundry management at New England Sculpture Service, in Boston, and Wegner Metalarts in Fredericksburg, Virgina. Will is an alumnus of the Mass MoCA Assets for Artists program, and the Greater Boston Arts and Business Council's Artist Toolbox.

Rosie studied photography, digital media and design, as well as human development and social relations at Earlham College and The Aegean Center for Fine Arts, and later graduated from Northwestern University Law School with a focus in legal services, small business, and entrepreneurship. She is currently works in the non-profit world as a Project Director. When not working she enjoys tackling overly ambitious DIY home projects, playing in the garden, hiking, cooking, drawing, sewing, and playing the mandolin! 

Collection Location:

Gallery of Jewels - Pacific Heights
2115 Fillmore St. 
San Francisco CA 94115
(415) 771-5099

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