February's Fabulous Birthstone

February's Birthstone

February is the month of love, and if you’re lucky enough, it’s the month of your birthday. Fittingly, the stunning Amethyst, with all of its purple passion, is the gemstone to adorn those born this month. From refreshing lilac to ripe plum, Amethyst demonstrates the excitement and beauty of the color purple.

Ancient Greeks and Romans believed Amethyst would ward off the intoxicating powers of the wine god, Bacchus, and keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. For centuries, Amethyst has been associated with many myths and legends as well as religions in numerous cultures.

Amethyst easily complements both warm and cool colors, helping it look fabulous set in both yellow and white metals. Discover our collection and the beauty of Amethyst gems for yourself today.

Yellow Gold Silver Hoop Earrings Amethyst - Jenny Jensen - Amethyst Birthstone - February Birthstone -  Jenny Jensen Jewelry - Gallery of Jewels
Yellow Goldfill & Oxidized Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings w/ Amethyst Gems.
By: Jenny Jensen
Pacific Heights Gallery

Vermeil & Amethyst Earrings - Stephany Hitchcock - Stephany Hitchcock Jewelry - Gallery of Jewels - Best Jewelry Shop San Francisco Bay Area - Gallery of Jewels
Vermeil & Amethyst Earrings.
By: Stephany Hitchcock
Noe Valley Gallery

18k White Gold Amethyst Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond Ring - Christophe Danhier - Christophe Danhier jewelry - Christophe Danhier ring - Gallery of Jewels
18k White Gold, Amethyst, Tsavorite Garnet & Diamond Ring.
By: Christophe Danhier
Pacific Heights Gallery

Yellow Goldfill Amethyst Wrap Bracelet Necklace - Jenny Jensen - Jenny Jensen jewelry
Yellow Goldfill & Amethyst Wrap Bracelet/Necklace.
By: Jenny Jensen
Noe Valley Gallery

Black Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver & 14k Rose Gold Ring Set w/ Rosecut Amethyst Gems - Alberian & Aulde - Alberian & Aulde jewelry - gallery of jewels san fracnisco - best jewelry san francisco - amethyst rings - february birthstone ring
Black Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver & 14k Rose Gold Ring Set w/ Rosecut Amethyst Gems.
By: Alberian & Aulde
Noe Valley Gallery

Alberian & Aulde jewelry - Alberian and Aulde earrings - february birthstone earrings - amethyst earrings - gallery of jewels - san francisco jewelry store - modern fine jewelry in san francisco
Black Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver, Rosecut Amethyst, & Diamond Stud Earrings.
By: Alberian & Aulde
Pacific Heights Gallery

Beaded Amethyst, Iolite, Labradorite & 14k Rose Gold Latchet Necklace - Alberian & Aulde - gallery of jewels - jewelry in san francisco
Beaded Amethyst, Iolite, Labradorite & 14k Rose Gold Latchet Necklace.
By: Alberian & Aulde
Pacific Heights Gallery

 Oxidized Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Ring Set w/ a Rosecut Amethyst Gem - Jen Leddy - Jen Leddy studios - Jen Leddy jewelry - Jen Leddy earrings - gallery of jewels - custom fine jewelry in san francisco
Oxidized Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold Ring Set w/ a Rosecut Amethyst Gem.
By: Jen Leddy
Noe Valley Gallery

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